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Dear Editor:
A Korean businessman was detained by the INS in Los Angeles for 45 days because he pled guilty to driving a rental car his wife rented which did not include him as a driver ten years ago. He was released on December 2, 2002 without any explanation by the authority. In the meanwhile, his pregnant wife had no one to take care of her at home, not knowing what was happening to her husband. The Korea Times of Los Angeles reports that there are half dozen other Korean Americans being detained by the INS currently with similar charges. I am wondering if I will be detained next time I go through the INS at LAX as I have pled guilty to speeding and other minor traffic infractions before.

When I became a US citizen some 15 yrs. ago, I thought I would be afforded with same rights and equal protection our Constitution purports to provide. Putting up with blunt racism and other disadvantages of being a minority is a fact of life that I had accepted long ago as a small price for wanting to live in a country called "land of opportunity." As a son of immigrant growing up in Los Angeles, I had this false belief that somehow our legal system would treat everyone equally; a belief unsubstantiated and unfounded. I was initially attracted to the legal profession because I believed that somehow, I would become part of a profession which would pursue equality, fairness, and justice. Not for some. But for all. This past summer, two innocent lives were lost when a US armored vehicle stationed in Korea reckless bulldozed over two school children walking home from school. No one was prosecuted. No one was held responsible. Over hundred thousand angry Koreans protested in Seoul wanting accountability from the US military. No action was taken. No main US media even bothered to cover the story.

I guess I should become more patriotic and become more understanding toward the War on Terrorism. I guess I should learn to discredit all Muslims as lunatics wanting to topple the US for no apparent reason. I should really teach myself why no country other than the US should have weapons of mass destruction. I should really learn to appreciate the "good old days" Trent Lott so desires this country to go back to. After all, I am a proud US citizen belonging to this great nation the whole world loves and adores; except those crazy Muslims and angry Koreans somehow failing to see why they need to love this great country and lofty values this country stands for. Oh, Canadians and Mexicans, as well as those conceited Europeans, plus whole Middle East countries, as long as we get their oils, do not need to count as part of the world.

Matthew Park, Esq.
Park & Associates, P.C.