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Dear Editor:
Recently, in almost all Immigration Daily issues I find URL links to PDF documents on your web site that don't exist and it has begun to frustrate me because I am really interested in the full content. For example, in today's issue I was really interested in the following article,,1107-riley.pdf but this Adobe PDF file doesn't exist on your web server, or if it does, something is definitely wrong with the spelling of the URL link itself. (maybe it has to do with the comma in the file names? I've never seen it before but who knows?) Some of them work, some of them don't. If this happened only once or twice I wouldn't have taken time to mention this to you, but it happens to me almost every day and with more than one link per issue. I am wondering if I am the only reader who has such problems or if these web pages in fact don't exist at all. In case I am the only one, then obviously something must be wrong with my email software or web browser, in that case would it be possible to subscribe to Immigration Daily in a form that I would get the whole news in plain text without any URL links at all?

Geza Levai
Reseda, CA

Editor's Note: We checked the link above and it works just fine. We carry many pdf documents every day, and thousands of people download these each day on our website without problems. You may want to try cutting and pasting the link into the web browser and then hitting the return key. If the document still does not load, you should check if you can download pdf files from other websites. If not, then you need to reinstall the free Acrobat reader on your computer. You should also try this after rebooting your computer to see if there is something on your computer that might be causing this. Immigration Daily is sent out with the links embedded. In the future, we may make other formats available, but there are no plans at the moment.