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Dear Editor:
I have a question for the "attorney name not supplied" who said: "There is nothing laudable or constructive about Webb's punitive, selective prosecution of immigrants for the inoccuous faking a social security numbers - an understandable expedient for any undocumented person trying to get by and get work." What then would be laudable or constructive? Perhaps those who have no problem with individuals using social security numbers that they obtain illegally should make available to any and all their own social security numbers. This would help the people who need a number and can't get one as well as those of us who really would rather keep our number to ourselves. In our city we recently had a gentleman who applied for a position with a fairly large company. Imagine his surprise when he discovered that he was already working for said company! His name as well as his social security number was already in use by someone living at a different address in a different part of the county. The person who was using his information was an illegal alien. When police arrested the man they discovered that, not only was he using the name and ss#, he had already incurred over $8000.00 worth of debt that the real person will now have to fight tooth and nail to clear off of his credit records. I would be curious as to what our unnamed attorney thinks should be done with the thief (any way you cut it a thief is still a thief). Personally, I believe the gentleman whose identity was stolen should have the right to sue this individual in addition to the criminal actions that should be forthcoming from the authorities.