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Dear Editor:
John K. Webb's article is a valuable source of information, and Immigration Daily quite correctly posted it for wide circulation. However there is a draconian aspect of Webb's mindset and the implications of his article, upon which Immigration Daily remained silent -- a treatment which might be taken for acquiescence in Webb's perspective. Therefore it would be good for Immigration Daily to balance Webb's piece with something from an immigrant rights specialist, about the misuses and excesses of Social Security fraud prosecution, and how to counter those abuses and excesses. In my view:

There is nothing laudable or constructive about Webb's punitive, selective prosecution of immigrants for the inoccuous faking a social security numbers - an understandable expedient for any undocumented person trying to get by and get work. Americans are happy to have a vulnerable, and therefore cheap, undocumented workforce available, because cheap labor cuts the cost of farm produce, nursing home care, child care, gourmet restaurant meals, building construction and maintenance, etc. However Americans are stymied, by the contradiction between their desire for this economic payoff, and their delusional vision of America as an affluent, predominantly white-skinned oasis, insulated by divine right from a surrounding morass of corrupt savagery. To assuage this cognitive dissonance, we establish punitive immigration policies and agencies, to back with one hand what we grudgingly dole out under the table with our other hand. Nor should readers be taken in by Webb's trumpeting of this new brand of discriminatory legal abuse, as a supposed blow against terrorism. The Bush regime's relentless flogging of the "terrorism" shibboleth is an ugly, stupid and shameful blot on our history and national character. Granted, we should expect the kind of personalities who currently inhabit the White House and the upper tiers of federal agencies to conduct themselves like the thugs they are. However that does not excuse us attorneys - as highly educated, literate, supposedly ethical and sophisticated, self-styled servants of the Constitution -- to jump on their bandwagon.

Attorney Name Not Supplied