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Dear Editor:
I must add my critique to that of David Murray's regarding Immigration Daily's myopic editorial of Nov. 1st. To view the Haitian boat landing only in economic terms and ignoring other considerations cannot be justified, nor as Murray concludes, can this agenda be helpful in the need to reform INS policies. America cannot absorb unlimited numbers who may wish to come here outside of legal methods as Murray superbly points out. Popular writer, Sam Francis adds clarification to this: "The Open Borders lobby has managed to get many Americans to believe that the economic impact of immigration is the only way to evaluate it and the policies that created it. Even by that standard, we'd have to grade it with an "F". The larger truth is that by importing not only low skills but also the culture that produced the low skills, the immigrants may endanger the whole cultural foundation of an advanced economy --- an economy whose high technology, work ethic and managerial and organizational skills distinguish it from the burros and grindstones that drag the economies of Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and most of Asia. What we are now beginning to learn the hard way is that the immigrants may not only have imported themselves --- they may also have imported the culture that impoverished them and their countries in the first place."

It is a gross over-simplification for President Bush or Immigration Daily to frame the current foreign invasion merely in terms of a willing worker and employer or a supply and demand problem. What about a willing American worker, who before massive government spending including welfare that forced employers to seek cheap labor, was perfectly willing to perform any job at a livable wage. What about the taxpayers who must bear the burden of the many social costs of excessive numbers of legals and illegals. What about the rights of existing citizens to determine the nature of their own society including the limitation of foreigners. These and other concerns are left out of your view. Should Washington ever limit itself to expenditures as authorized by our Constitution, the resulting economic blast to our economy would preclude the present pressure on business to continually engage in the short sighted policies of sending businesses abroad or the replacing and/or filling of jobs with foreigners. This is not what built America.

No reform can work that only addresses the "needs of employers" and ignoring other even more important parameters. Proper reform would include absolutely securing our land, air and sea borders and reducing and tracking of all visitors. Temporary visitors, workers, illegals or students must at some point leave and any application for permanent residency or citizenship must originate from another country besides ours. "Birth" citizens by illegals must be eliminated as well as "chain" migration by families that allows foreigners to usurp our sovereign right to determine the numbers that we can properly assimilate consistent with the security of our nation. It is foolish to put the wants and needs of aliens above that of our own citizens to say nothing of being un-constitutional!

R. L. Ranger