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Dear Editor:
In response to your editorial in the November 1, 2002 issue of Immigration Daily, all I can say is "Stop the world, I want to get off . . . . ." (sorry if I "plagiarized" this phrase, but I don't remember where it came from, so I can't give the author credit - I probably got it in an email that had no reference to its origin) . . . . and stop calling lawbreakers "immigrants" and start calling them "illegal immigrants", or just plain "illegals" . . . . I thought I covered this in a previous letter.

While the plight of all Haitians, in Haiti and on boats bound for the United States, may be horrible - because their government is horrible - that does not give Haitians, or any other people of the world, the right to invade the shores of the United States by land, sea or air. Many governments around the world are horrible and, regretfully, their people suffer economic hardship because of their horrific human rights policies or because of war, famine, natural disaster or lack of infrastructure. But no first world country, including the USA, can just open their borders to a mass influx of uncontrolled immigration whether it is from contiguous nations, or far abroad. Who was it that said, "Justice is blind"? (Again, sorry I can't quote the source, and again, please excuse my plagiarism.) Were they right? . . . . whoever they were? Or should justice be denied those who cannot walk, swim or drive into the United States because they do not reside in a contiguous nation, and favor be given only our closest neighbors, as President Bush and President Fox would like? The fact is, no person from any ghetto of any U.S. city has the lawful right to come to the suburbs, enter, without permission, the house of a prosperous suburbian, demand to be sheltered, fed, clothed and given work, and justify such entry on the basis they are unemployed, their ghetto landlord is an repressive, irresponsible skinflint and their own house in the ghetto is not so fine. (For those suburbians out there who disagree, please leave your name, address and phone number in your reply - I will be happy to accommodate your generous offer to shelter the ghetto - we can begin by sending some from 4th Street in Los Angeles, or perhaps those "Down and Out in Beverly Hills".) The analogy is simple. There . . . that solves that debate - now let's solve problems . . . . . . We must work, as a nation, work to pass good, well reasoned, immigration laws to replace the currently unworkable and often cruel H-2 program, which replaced the reprehensible Brasero Program of the fifties. We need to speed up the processing of "immediate relatives", who, using overseas processing, can take a year or more from filing to adjustment and family unification. We need laws that will allow people from other countries to legally enter the United States to fill jobs "Americans will not do" (that's what I meant by "meeting the needs of employers" - including all the diplomats and politicians in Washington D.C. who hire Guatemalan and Salvadorian domestics). But allowing a wholesale invasion by land, air or sea is not immigration, it is lawlessness, plain and simple.

I am neither on the right, nor am I on the left, but you forgot to mention those voices of moderation standing out there in the wilderness, who do not have a political, economic or religious agenda to fulfill, who do not believe salvation lies in the second coming of the Messiah, but who recognize that U.S. immigration law has grown over the past century like the Winchester mansion, adding one room at a time, until it is a maze of disconnected rooms, anterooms and hallways, with doors that open into brick walls and stairways that lead nowhere. It is time, rather than concentrating on the right or on the left, that credit is given to the moderates, who, rather than furthering agendas, truly care about passing good laws.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA