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Dear Editor:
In reading the article about the Ellenville, NY man ordered deported for having been a former nazi camp guard, I have some thoughts. This person is now 79 years of age. He has been in the U.S. since 1949, i.e., 53 years! He was a guard patrolling the perimeter of the camp so nobody escaped. He was 20 years of age in 1943 when he was a camp guard for 7 months. It was a different time. Different era. Different rules. He was in the military, subject to orders of his superiors. Hitler was the overall headcheese. He was carrying out orders, like any soldier would in his position. The article doesn't say, but for the last 53 years that he has resided in the U.S., he has a clean record, albiet, his conscience might be hurting. It seems to me, on the surface, that the only reason this man is being deported, is because of our immigration law that states that because of his war record in the nazi regime, disqualifies him from any immigration benefit and, therefore, qualifies him for removal to whereever he is from. For the above, I find that maybe our immigration laws might need some exceptions, on occasions. Surely this man ordered deported is a father, grandfather, and possibly, a great-grandfather by now and removing him is devastating to the whole family! He was 20 years old at the time, serving in a dictatorial regime, following orders for 7 months at this nazi camp. It was war time. The whole world was crazy. It was only until after the war ended that people began to reflect on the atrocities performed by this regime that this man was a puppet in. I also feel for the millions of Jews that suffered and died under this regime for no fault of their own except that they were Jews.

FMA, Paralegal
Portland, Oregon