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Dear Editor:
The Lone Ranger was correct, my commentary was not intended to be an attack on the Bible and was indeed "an inquisitive reflection on the numerous discrepancies contained therein". But my intent to influence is limited to awakening those who would subscribe to dogma, whether religious, social or political, in the hope that logic will prevail and the world will not perish in a fiery ball of atomic blast, over population, or environmental ruin.

I take umbrage at the Lone Ranger's applaud concerning my "refreshing position of not endorsing any further amnesty for illegals.", since although I do not subscribe to the limited vision proposals that have been made by traditionalists, neither do I believe that anti-immigrant positions presently being taken by so many are the answer either, and to this degree the Lone Ranger and I are most likely at opposite ends of the political spectrum. I further disagree that "we need to look to a higher authority", but believe man is his own salvation, or destruction, as the case may be, and no "higher power" has the capability of changing anything, but change is ultimately left to the decision of man - just watch the popular TV show "Touched By an Angel" to confirm that message. Although using our collective belief in a higher authority to provide moral and ethical guidance in our quest to resolve the world's problems, looking for a higher authority to solve the world's problems will leave us Waiting for Godot.

And contrary to the Lone Ranger's position, I do not underestimate "the magnitude of the invasion problem", but neither do I believe that, "the mass numbers coming now constitutes an invasion and a real threat.", so I do not believe there is an "invasion problem". This is hysterical rhetoric and while the numbers are a statistical reality, there is no credible authority to support the position that these numbers result in "a real threat". . . . . a "threat" to whom? To we good old WASP's, Daughters of the American Revolution, Skinheads, bigots, white supremacists? No, I see no "threat" and I love the diverse cultural enrichment people from other lands have brought to my Southern California region, and enjoy their food and their company. I do, however, oppose illegal immigration, law breakers, scofflaws and criminals, and do not believe in amnesty because it is a reward for breaking the law while those who abide by the law are given no opportunity for such reward.

As to not attaching his or her name to what he or she writes, and proudly calling himself or herself the "Lone Ranger", I believe that this is akin to holding closed immigration hearings. If Tonto is running the casinos, I guess that leaves the Long Ranger without a faithful companion. My sympathies to the Lone Ranger and to others who would skulk in the night, garbed in secrecy.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA