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The White House, President George W. Bush

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 26, 2002

Press Briefing by Secretary of State Colin Powell
Inter-Continental Hotel
Los Cabos, Mexico


Q Mr. Secretary, what is the U.S. hearing from Mexico in regard to Mexico's position on the Iraq resolution? And what is Mexico hearing from the U.S. in regards to Mexico's impatience for moving on immigration?

SECRETARY POWELL: The President had a very good discussion with President Fox with respect to Iraq. As you indicated, Mexico is a member of the Security Council and President Fox understands how important we view this issue. And I'm sure the Mexicans are examining it very carefully. I stay in very close touch with Secretary Castaneda, and we've had a number of discussions in recent weeks about it. But I wouldn't prejudge now to say how the Mexicans might vote or not vote.

And they clearly have the same objective, the disarmament of Iraq. But I don't want to speak to how -- what vote they how they might vote.

Q And immigration?

SECRETARY POWELL: Migration? Yes, both Presidents came into office the beginning of last year committed to migration reform. They both remain committed and they reaffirmed that commitment this morning.

Nine-eleven clearly has slowed down the momentum, and we hope that as the effects of 9/11 pass and as we get back to a more normal life, and as we bring our homeland unto a firmer basis of security, we have a better idea of how to protect our homeland. And with the emergence of a homeland security department, I think that some of the concerns that Americans have and the Congress has had with respect to migration issues, we might be in a better position next year to deal with their concerns and to move forward with our migration agenda.

Foreign Minister Castaneda and I, Foreign Secretary Castaneda and I will be meeting in November with a binational commission and we will review the bidding at that time and see what we can do over the next year.


END 12:57 P.M. MDT