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Dear Editor:
Certain persons and groups including Churches believe it is our "Christian" duty to assist illegals and seem to flaunt an attitude of moral superiority in doing so. In addition to the huge amount of evidence that exists that Illegals are shamelessly and in totally unacceptable numbers, taking advantage of this naive and destructive position, is the fact that no such moral superiority exists, nor does the Christian religion demand it.

A parallel might be drawn between the above and the manner in which Christians and other moralists are expected to view and treat prisoners who have violated the laws of society. While they may be extended courtesy, civil equity and encouraged to change their ways, they are not excused of their crime(s) and allowed to continue to engage in activities detrimental and destructive to society. The illegal invasion that imposes itself upon our society in so many ways, should be no different. Americans have been extremely generous in providing a limited and selective immigration policy and it is illegal, arrogant, and a threat to our citizens and sovereignty to continually and intentionally violate it, particularly in view of the radicals and globalists who wish to see U.S. weakened, controlled and changed.

Christianity and the Bible teaches that we should have respect for governments and/or their righteous and Constitutional laws and in being subject to them. [Matt. 22:25, Titus 3:1, 1 Peter 2:13, and Romans 13:1 ] Illegal apologists and mis-guided Christians are disrespecting the law by seeking amnesties and other forms of assistance and are performing a great disservice to our nation, it's citizens and social fabric. As a proper family reserves it's highest concerns and benefits to it's own, so also should our nation protect and provide for it's own. Jesus said, we should love our neighbor as ourselves, not above ourselves and neighbor would presumably mean a legal citizen and not an intentional invader and intruder. We are not required as citizens to open our homes to become half-way houses for any who wish to come, nor are we as a nation required to open our borders to any unlimited number of aliens who wish to come. Aiding illegals is un-Christian !

Name Not Supplied