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Dear Editor:
"Blimey" has nothing to do with "blarney," which in my dictionary has "nonsense" listed as a synonym, which is not what I meant (for one thing, it would be rude, and I'm sure we're having a civilized discussion here.) "Blimey" (=blind me!) is the Cockney British equivalent of "holy cow!", which is what I meant. The person I was referring to had cited her very impressive credentials in support of her opinion, and I was impressed.

However, she still appears to be missing the point: the phrase "the BIA remanded the case back to the IJ" is one that no editor would let pass intentionally, and you didn't. But to say "the BIA remanded, or sent back, the case to the IJ" would be not only respectful of standard American English usage but also potentially helpful and wholly in line with the "common practitioner" approach, which I believe all 21st-century lawyers should get behind.

Two things seem to be important here: the initial critic of this locution in essence said only what I've just said, so reading with care before taking issue is still a problem; and, no matter who their audience is, people should not talk about "remanding a case back" to the lower court. And that's the whole megillah.

Jane A. Hanson, Attorney at Law