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Dear Editor:
I am one of your subscribers. I just wanted to take a second to tell you the humor of the "Cotton Mather" (overly picky, and missing the more important big picture in life), correction one day of one of your editorial summaries. The humor was that the complaining, criticizing attorney had stated that you had been redundant (totology) chicken-pouley (you get the point) in your stating that a matter had been sent back down and also remanded. As a top English student graduate from a major University, former law review member, and published attorney author in a law review... I can tell you that what you did was actually good. What you did was to clarify to an audience with some para professionals and lay persons that "remand" means for the higher court to return the opinion back to the lower court for additional findings or other action. Next time, perhaps, put the definition in parenthesis/es for the non-lawyers. This is actually the best writing, when you make your word usage of terms clear for all of your readers. Further, the complaining attorney, misspelled the word redundant as redundent if I recall properly, in his complaint to the Editor! Today, perhaps, someone will complain that the Chinese woman was not smuggling illegal aliens, but rather the baggage claims in her underpants... if you read that sentence order-- it's a hoot! One day, I wrote in about the Pro Bono work a lot of us do when one of your readers was attacking "all immigration attorneys," the reader assumed I was a male... I was complimented as an accomplished linguist. That reader has such a negative outlook on all other humans, focusing on only the bad in groups of other people. It's too bad. Well, back to work! Keep up the good work!

Immigration Atty. in Minnesota.