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Dear Editor:
I join the world in sympathazing with families of the victims of sept. 11. May God give them the courage to bear the loss and the strength to carry on. Nothing and I repeat Nothing can justify such acts of wanton violence and unprovoked attack by the terrorists of Sept 11.

While reflecting on the past year, I can only reflect how life has changed for the average or pending immigrant. To many people including myself, the United States of America is not a country, but an "ideal" that embodies deep values inside of us. If you believe in those values and are willing to uphold it, You Are an American!

In the morning of Sept. 11, I woke up and watched in awe and disbelief that "anyone" sane or insane would think of attacking this country, leave alone crash planes into the Twin Towers in broad daylight.

I felt so violated, attacked, enraged and shook with anger. I was ready to enlist in the Army, Marines, Rangers etc to help get back at whoever did this wherever they were. Cave or valley. I would help make them pay for attacking America.

After a few days when the nation and everyone was coming to grips with the events and tragedy, I looked back and reflected on how so strong my emotions were and still was. And you know what? I knew I Would Never feel the same for my own native Land. I was shocked at the revelation. I was truly shocked and I wondered why I would feel so strongly about America and not my own motherland.

Then it hit me. America, to me was not a country but an embodiment of the values that I hold deep in my innermost parts. How dare they? Attack a country that protects the weak and defenseless, that fertilizes your dreams, that tries most to encourage diversity, tries hard to ensure equality, stands as a tower of refuge to the prosecuted, that stands tall above the whole world in might and glorious victory? A country that has shown me more dignity in a few years, more than I have seen in all my life, where if you pick on a weakling, strangers will fight for you, where the system encourages you to grow in whatever direction you seek, where the system encourages you to trust in yourself and not rely on who you know to get ahead in life, etc.

You know what? The world acknowledges that too. That acknowledgement is one of the primary reasons that the terrorists' plot failed before it was even committed. Let it not be lost as the reason why the plotters did not acheive sympathies beyond their tiny cabal. I am by no means a sycophant or praise singer or attempt to say there are no short comings here in the USA, but tell me one injustice here and I will show you two in any other country - Europe or elsewhere.

When some Government officials round up immigrants and attempt to put every immigrant under the microscope, many immigrants have allegiance to this country than even some US Citizens. Recent actions by some government officials depicting immigrants are suspicious and questionable characters seek only to destroy those wonderful ideals called America that endears the world and free loving individuals to the nation - The Land of the free. God bless America!

Name Of Immigrant Withheld On Request