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Dear Editor:

A question worth posing to this group of Immigration Lawyers and the US Administration regarding the war on terror is this: How can the United States government reconcile allowing the citizens from "axis of evil" countries to apply for the DV (Diversity) Lottery for immigration Green Cards. All the while, refusing acceptance from the allied countries such as Britian and Canada? The writer is aware this immigration lottery is a "game" of numbers alone, however, if the USA, INS and DOJ are truly committed to eliminating terror on their home front, how can they justify the risks of allowing people from these countries (that can hide themselves and be unknowns in the terror cells) to join the ranks of the fortunate winners of the "lottery". This opens the United States to potential terrorism in their land in a very unique sitiuation, by giving these legal immigrants a "gift" from the USA government to enter and have all the same rights and freedoms as any American. Further to the above, the "refuge" gay/lesbians is a bit of a farce also. Looking at some of the past allowances made for them, surely they would have been incarcerated or killed were they sent back to their countries. This does not justify how the Administrations have ignored the rights and freedoms of their own people by disallowing the immigration of same -sex partners of naturalized United States citizens. The Administration, DOJ, INS and many other factions of government have allowed terrorists into the country, and continue to "invite" them. At the same time, they ask their loyal subjects to be on the lookout for the very same legal immigrants allowed in through Diversity from Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, Yemen, and the list goes on. There are possible terrorists lurking,waiting and applying legally for the opportunity to cause disaster in the United States, and somehow without justification, people that are in love with their American-born partners are held at bay. If you or your readers have any thoughts on this topic, I would be interested in hearing it, as would I be delighted to hear the response from the government. Thank you for your time.

G.A. Wilson