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Dear Editor:

From his statement on legalization of illegal aliens published in the Immigration Daily of August 26,2002, Representative Gephardt appears that he would be very pleased if he could reward those people who delibratelely brake the law of the United States. It is widely known that the US Congress was established to make laws that should be abided by all staying in the United States. I don't think the Congress would like to pay their attention to make the law that the people wouldn't like to follow it . It is well established that those people who break the law, should be punished according to the law. Any people must obey the law of the land in which they are living. If somebody breaks the law and he/she goes scot- free, I think the law of the land has no any sense, and it 's better to be burnt.

People from different countries enter the United States with valid visa and later on, most of them overstay and become illegal aliens. Similarly, some other people enter the United States from border areas as EWI. These illegal aliens have violated the law of this land. But. Rep. Gephardt shows that he is encouraging foreigners to overstay in the United States affirming that overstaying in this country is not illegal. Therefore, I felt that I also should take liberty of expressing my opinion saying that to violate the law of a country is regarded as illegal, and those foreigners who are living without valid visa or overstaying in this country, are called as illegal aliens. The person who violates the law of the land is also considered as criminal. Therefore, many aliens from different countries are serving their sentence in South and South East Asian countries for violation of the law by overstaying in the countries. Being the most democratic and free country, the United States has not taken stern actions on these illegal aliens. Consequently, they are cashing in on the soft policies of the United States. As I see it that these illegal aliens who are overstaying in this country should be deported immediately. There are hundreds of thousands of honest and qualified aliens waiting for immigrant visa number patiently to enter the United States to contribute their good services to this country. I don't see that the United States do have to depend on these fraud and law-breaker aliens. In my opinion, Rep. Gephardt should move quickly to grant immigrant visa to those law-abiding aliens who are waiting overseas patiently and extraordinarily to come to the United States.

S. Salike