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Dear Editor:
Understandably, we all concentrate on issues bearing direct interests or relations to ourselves. However, as a responsible media like yours, balanced coverage should be taken care of. I found your Immigration Daily has put more weight on H-1B and labor issues than many other equally or even more critical ones such as "Fix 96".

Most of us know that 1996 immigration laws created significant problems and tragedies for families in the immigrant societies. There are now 3 bills pending in the House (H.R.87 Keeping Families Together Act of 2001, H.R.1452 Family Reunification Act of 2001, and H.R.3892 Restoration of Fairness in Immigration Act of 2002) and 1 in the Senate (S.955 Immigrant Fairness Restoration Act of 2001) in an effort to fix the wrongs.

Just last month (July 23, 2002), the House has passed H.R.1452. Your Immigration Daily even doesn't have a word about it (have I missed something ?)! Remember, if not because of the 1996 immigration laws, most of your case reports would not even be a case to begin with.

I sincerely hope your web site could have a through review about your coverage and could allocate more attention on the issue of "Fix 96", especially in today's political environment where the balance between national security and civil liberty and individual freedom is at stake.

I love Immigration Daily and wish you all the best.

A Concerned Reader.

Editor's Note: We cover all immigration legislation regardless of whether it is employment-immigration or family-immigration or any other aspect of immigration. Our coverage focus for pending legislation is the Congressional Record, however, we do supplement that with other sources from time to time. On H.R. 1452, we carried an article in our issue of May 20, 2002.

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: