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Dear Editor:
M. Jacobs makes both good points and irrational conclusions. Congress is properly redressed for immigration deficiencies, but lawyers share in the culpability as well, due to excessive lobbying and benefiting from the disparity which was my premise.

While the laborer is worthy of his reward (1Tim. 5:18), criticism may arise when that laborer seeks to create adverse conditions to accrue benefits that otherwise might not be received. This recently happened in Arizona where a fire fighter started the largest blaze in our history in order to create work for himself !

Like fire, immigration, when limited and controlled, can be beneficial ---- but extremely damaging when out-of-control. The latter is my concern (not hate) and that of millions of Americans who are negatively impacted as a result. The Shakespeare/Dick quote about the killing of lawyers is not a goal of mine as M. Jacobs assumes, but was offered as was the rebuke of Jesus to demonstrate real "scathing" remarks which support my premise (Matt. 18: 16).

M. Jacobs is correct about the reality of a final judgement (Matt. 12:36-37, 1 Sam. 2:10) and if I were a lawyer, I would be concerned that this seems to be the only profession singled out for such a rebuke. Perhaps its because He has always considered Himself to be the Lawgiver and the Judge from which Judgement would flow, and a profession that presumes to function in the same way for money with all it's inequities and self-serving ways, might draw His wrath !

To review an article that discusses the extent to which American interests are compromised by excessive immigration, go to: to read, "Immigration Revealed As A Terrorist Weapon" by Samuel Francis (Click on Archive, Scroll to 5/30/02).

M. Johnson
Phoenix, Arizona