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Dear Editor:
In light of your recent comments, which, among other things, refer to my criticism of Mr. Jose Latour's article, and Mr. Latour's response, I would like to say that I commend you for striving to have a forum where both sides of the immigration debate can be aired even though your editorials are decidedly pro-immigration.

As for my criticism of Mr. Latour, his response definitely "cleared the air" for me. I did not know that the article was taken from his own website since I do not read nor visit his site (didn't even know he had one). Good enough for me, he can write whatever he wants on his site! Context is indeed everything. I don't expect all articles on ILW.COM to have a "law-review" or even "law-publication" tone, and on one's personal site anything goes. So, I take back that part of my criticism of Mr. Latour's article.

As far as Mr. Latour's suggestion that I should have gone to the CIS website myself to read their report, I can only say that not eveyone who reads ILW.COM has the time nor inclination to surf the web for all the articles out there. That's why we appreciate links. In my case, I did try but that when that pulled up CIS Corporation, I didn't search further for a or

Liem Doan, Esq.