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Dear Editor:
Mr. Goldstein draws an unwarranted conclusion from Shakespeare's "...let's kill all the lawyers" statement in Henry The Sixth. Characters Cade and Dick were discussing the utopian state of affairs if Cade were King of England even to the extent that,"...all shall eat and drink on my score; and I will apparel them all...". It is highly significant that Shakespeare through Dick would mention that an essential element of this utopia would be the elimination of lawyers ! How an endorsement of the role lawyers as the, "first line of defense against a failure of law and justice", could be drawn from this is beyond reason or reality.

If a Greater Authority would make my premise more credible, we could read from Matthew 23 or Luke 11, particularly verses 46 and 52 where Jesus rebukes the lawyers. Are there any who would say that this is an endorsement of the legal profession ?

Some of us once believed in the premise of "law and justice" as the foundation of law, but sad experience has shown all to often that money seems to be the primary motivation, at least at the level that most experience it today.

Immigration attorney's excessive selling of American citizenships and subsequent dilution of our culture, security and living standards at a time when an immigration time out is needed to sort out the excesses of the past and in light of the real security concerns arising from Sept 11, does justify the culpability premise, in my view.

For those inclined to investigate this premise further rather than to engage in ad hominem aspersions can review the following thought provoking articles: 1.) "MultiCulturism and Marxism" archived at [Scroll to 11/99] 2.) "MultiCulturism, Immigration and Aztlan" archived at [Article by Prof. Maria Hsia Chang -- an obvious great example of how immigration should work ]

M. Johnson
Phoenix, Arizona