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Dear Editor:
In defensive response to E. Schneider, whom I'm sure is a upstanding individual, my position stated July 29th attributing some culpability to all immigration attorneys remains unchanged, the fact that he performs pro bono work notwithstanding. The "scathing" comment to which he refers was not intended to be personal, but general, and in my view valid.

E. Schneider is obviously an accomplished linguist, but one of the greatest of them all was in agreement, with the comment, "First, let's kill all the Lawyers!" (William Shakespeare). Now that is "scathing"! And he wasn't even talking about only immigration attorneys. As for the pro bono work, it is commendable, but at times, acts of charity can be questioned and/or somewhat suspect as was the recent case in Phoenix where an embezzler donated $70,000 of stolen money to a church. Pro bono may not be done for money, but it is done with the expectation of good will and relations and to assist in attorneys feeling better about their professions and themselves.

Yes, this writer has participated in such activities, once serving for two years without pay, away from home, for his Church which I might add, did nothing for vocational advancement, good will or prestige. My study of out-of-control immigration and the ill-effects upon America, likewise is done without any financial interest but because of concern.

The basis for my position is simply that we no longer need massive immigration such as we are experiencing today and this seems to be happening only because many people want to come here and is promoted by your profession whch seems to be selling the "American dream" to foreigners at the expense of citizens here.

This is not an anti-immigration view, but it is an anti-out-of-control immigration position. We have benefited in the past, when immigration was more needed and it was a controlled, limited, allocated and reasonable type of immigration. What we have today, with the mass, illegal invasion impacts negatively.

Your profession refuses to recognize this, undoubtedly because of its financial interest. One of the best booklets, setting forth this position is by John Vinson, "Immigration Out Of Control" at his websites: (and)

Other informative websites are:

In addition to the quality of life and cultural effects of this phenomenon are the addition of very real security threats as Sept 11 displayed. Radicals both in and out of the U.S. foresee the lax border and immigration policies as useful in delivering Muslim revenge or in establishing Aztlan in the SouthWest. For a detailed analysis of this alarming trend, contact Aid & Abet newsletter at (208) 935-7854 for the blockbuster Summer 2002 (just out) issue entitled, "SouthWest U.S. Goes Under Mexico".

M. Johnson
Phoenix, Arizona