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Dear Editor:
I am writing in response to yesterday's Letter to the Editor submitted by attorney Liem Doan, in reference to your recent carrying an article on my comments on the CIS "report" on the impact of foreign students in the U.S. In his letter, Mr. Doan referred used a variety of words to describe my piece: "smirking", "personal vent piece", "amateurish". Worst of all, and to my chagrin, he didn't like the Smiley Faces I insert into my commentary.


If Mr. Doan had done his homework before socking it to me, he would have easily found the report in question (was finding that monumental a task?) and (by clicking my link below the article) understood why my articles are so completely different than the other articles appearing on ILW. Let me clarify:

1- he is absolutely correct in noting that my writing "does not meet the standard of your typical articles". That is because the articles you carry are from my daily opinion column, Port of Entry, which appears on our law firm's website, It is precisely my "personal vent piece" and I shamelessly smirk there...daily. Many thousands of people come daily to watch me smirk. It's called an Editorial.

2- yes, I am an immigration attorney and, yes, I am an advocate for immigration. My quarrel with CIS is not with their right to be an anti-immigration organization. My quarrel with CIS is their purporting to be a neutral, non-biased think tank and their issuance of purportedly unbiased "reports" in an attempt to advance their agenda with Congress and the public. They call themselves "pro-immigrant" on their website. That's a big, fat lie.

Finally, I want to point out that while all of the articles written for ILW.COM are geared for a professional readership -- immigration attorneys -- my target audience is a little different. The folks who read my column are immigrants, INS officers on the front line, human resource professionals, and Americans who work with, care about, or love immigrants. They actually do enjoy the informality of my writing style and while I too can communicate in the "traditional, lawyerly" way that most other lawyers choose to present their point of view, I prefer my way.

So Liem, Bubba, next time do your homework before you launch your missiles and try some Smiley Faces with your "ad hominem". Your clients will no doubt like you better...(-:

Jose "The Amateur" Latour