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Dear Editor:
Information sharing!

I love the idea of a centralized agency, Homeland Security, but there is one basic principle that may be destroyed at INS, et al., unless addressed immediately! Information Sharing!

It is intuitively obvious to the casual observer, that the Ego oriented law enforcement agencies, one of which I serve, are extremely 'territorial'. Never afraid to 'pat ourselves on the back', when it comes to accolades received for a 'job well done', but past masters at playing 'The Great Houdini' when it comes to blame, for an operation that mis-fires, we can always find someone else who is responsible.

No, I am not attempting to abase Law Enforcement. I am trying to make them more effective.

Since the Secret Service has difficulty sharing info with the CIA, who has ditto with FBI, and ditto with ATF, INS, local law enforcement, ad infinitum, why does anyone want to divide (and conquer) INS?

Instead, I suggest that a long, hard, extremely close look be taken at dividing any agency at this critical point in the future of the United States. I have often said that "The dissemination of information within Immigration and Naturalization is an abomination!" Why? It is not the fault of the Agency ! Rather, take a look at the people responsible for setting the structure of all Agencies, who do not spend time 'in the field', getting a realistic view of the effects, resulting from their decisions.

Let's make Homeland Security an effective and useful tool, to all involved!

If we do not think well in advance in our moves, in a few years, or months, we will find ourselves, without a "Queen", and Eight 'headless' Pawns fighting one another.

Unify! Do not divide! Make information accessible!

Jim Hunkele