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Dear Editor:
I have been a Daily reader of your website for quite some time. Everyday I read every article with hope that ILW.COM can give me some insight into immigration and my current situation. I have not been so lucky with a) immigrating to the US, b) having decent representation through a lawyer.

Here is my case: I am a businessman working in the luxury goods field. Almost 3 years ago I got removed at the border with valid visa and documents. A low level officer just showed his strength – and I was the loser. After a while my then lawyer managed to bring me back with an L-1 visa (all correct!) and he said he would take care of my past situation. Well, that lawyer was never a lawyer (I found out later). He was a paralegal – and he now has disappeared. I have found out that he never did anything regarding my expedited removal. I am married to a US citizen. But what does it matter – I can’t even talk to an attorney and start building trust again – and I have to pay for the services provided from this person.

I have lost a lot of money, I have entered the US illegally and now I don’t even know where to go to straighten these things out. And for all of you who read this and think that I should have not been here in the first place: I have no criminal records, I come from a good family with manners, I have paid taxes for my corporation and personal and I have a family here – like many of you. I hope that one day immigration will become simpler to understand – even though it may get harder to immigrate. But in my situation the United States simply wants me to go back to Europe and pay taxes there.

Anonymous good European citizen.