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Dear Editor:
I specifically used a search engine to find out what people think of the term "alien" with respect to immigration, and if they are other people that are offended by it - as I am. Not very offended mind you, just, well...the word "alien" now has a negative connotation to it, like it or not. It sort of means: not belonging, wanna-be, amongst other things. Even "immigrant" now also has a negative connotation to it, as well as "Third World, " to mention a few. In a word - they are all derogatory. Whether its true or not, is not the issue here, or should I say: it's not my problem. In response to Liem Doan's letter, it isn't ridiculous to feel offended by the word, and in response to JS and LL's letters, they [immigrants] don't choose it. First, the gist about "wanting to be a country of legal aliens," that's well and nice in this day and time. I should remind you that the European settlers - (notice how that has a much more pleasant ring to it?) had no such documents. Nope, not a one. Hey, but that's in the past, hey! Well, let me tell you something that's the same now and was the same then - people move in search of better prospects - they did that centuries ago, taking land by force from the natives, killing, wiping out, thinking its their right... So let's not be surprised if we have illegal immigrants now - call it the primitive drive for the promised land, call it repercussions (although I wouldn't: tax payers money compared to peoples' lives - come on!) Immigrants have been thrown into a situation due to the misfortune of the country of their birth, and are simply searching for greener pastures - damn the man-made laws that try to give to those who have more, even more. No offense anyone - its my humble opinion.