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Dear Editor:

In a recent letter I wrote “I am not opposed to searching for a solution [to the immigration problem]”, and not that I wish to discuss my possible solution as one writer wrongly suggested in his letter. In speculating on what my solution “appears” to be, this same writer is wrong on a second count. I have been clear and unequivocal on several occasions that I favor the solution expressed by President Bush when he said: “ I do believe that when we find a willing employer and a willing employee we ought to match the two. We ought to make it easier for people who want to employ somebody, who are looking for workers to be able to hire people who want to work.”

To further clarify my position, I am opposed to open borders in the foreseeable future and I favor the repeal of the 3-10 year bar regulation, which is a bad law and deters many undocumented immigrants from deciding to return home.

As to popular opinion, it is persuasive but it is not infallible as was pointed out by Karmell Bowen in her letter of 4/22/02 [referring to one-time persuasions on slavery, women’s suffrage, prohibition and more]. There is always hope that knowledge can dispel bias, bias which I believe that in the case of immigrants is based on xenophobia. We should also try to encourage our representatives in Congress to have the courage to let humanity prevail over partisan gain or loss as a force for decision.

Lastly, I have no guilty conscience about living in this great country. I consider myself blessed to be here and am grateful to my immigrant grandparents for making it all possible. I want to share this good fortune, which is mine, with as many others as I possibly can. Guilt is a lingering manifestation of conscience that dwells in the hearts of some who don’t want to share good fortune but want it all for themselves.

Richard E. Baer, D.V.M