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Dear Editor:

I am sick and tired of these politicians playing god. I had a neighbbor whose son hung around with the wrong crowd of kids and therefore got in trouble with the law. Pretty petty though. He had a joint on him and got arrested. He then got deported to a country he know nothing of. He lived in this country since he was 5 months old. His parents have no money for an immigration lawyer and had no money to help him settle in canada. Therefore he was deported to Canada. [Though] his parents did as much they could their son was living homeless could not find a job there freezing in Canada. Jobs there are scarce too. And very expensive to live there. Well 8 months later their son was found dead. In a corner near dumpsters. 5 months later the father had a paralytic stroke. I could tell you other devastating stories. I could see if someone commited murder or other major major crimes. But deporting poor immigrants for petty things! I hope the people who condemn this sleep at night. You know what you do to others will someday happen to you. If Attorney General ashcroft supposedly is so religeous how can he allow things like that happen? Does he think he will see the gates of heaven? Yeah right. Just because someone was born in this country makes it alright for them to commit crimes. But someone who happened to be born elsewhere because their parents had to be there at that time gets deported to another country - a life sentence. Come on lawmakers you are no better than any one else. Stop this mean act. Not everyone is a terrorist!