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Dear Editor:

Mr. Alexander states that the number of refugee admissions in any given year is relatively low, but I am not sure what, exactly, he is comparing this figure to. Is he referring to the number of illegal immigrants found at any given time in the United States? If that is the thrust of his argument, I would be inclined to agree. If, however, he is trying to say that because the number of refugee admissions is 'only' around 50,000 (not to mention the diversity visas, for which Mexicans and other nationals may not apply) Middle Easterners and other 'non' Hispanics are at a disadvantage, he is incorrect. Again, there is no law to my knowledge which gives preference to Mexicans or, in fact, to any particular nationality on the basis of how they entered this country, with the possible exception of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966.

I agree that immigration is a topic that must be viewed with compassion, married, of course, to pragmatism. I do not approve of open borders, and I also oppose 245(i) because I feel that it provides an enormous opportunity for fraud. I favor the repeal of the unlawful presence bars, in order to obviate the need for 245(i).

Nonetheless, holding that one group should be penalized for their nationality (Mexicans) while another should receive special consideration (e.g.Middle Easterners) makes no sense, and clearly lacks any semblance of compassion or logic.

Christine Flowers