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Dear Editor:

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, an area with a very large immigrant population. I do not want the immigrants, even the illegal ones, forced out of the United States. I only want them to pay their fair share for the privilege of living here.

I work for a construction firm and have learned Spanish in an effort to support our non-English speaking employees. I have seen every form of bogus identification known to man and heard of probably every possible way to obtain illegal identification. I have heard the men calculate how many hours they can work combined with how many dependents they have so they don't have to pay taxes on a paycheck. I cannot do anything about it, though, because it is hearsay and to report them would be discriminatory, and I have to respect the civil rights of someone who is here illegally.

I pay a small fortune in taxes each week. If all of us received our full pay but had to write that check to the government every payday, there'd be a revolution in America inside a month. I put myself through college working at a Burger King and babysitting. I work hard, and I pay dearly for the rights and privileges I enjoy. Yet the least experienced, least educated workers are bring home far more than I every week! I recently saw the paycheck of an Hispanic immigrant, and he only pays an average of $10.00 a week in federal income tax! This is wrong, as wrong as the uninsured drivers and unpaid emergency room charges we contend with.

I want the immigrants who are here illegally made legal. Yes, do security screening and prevent another 9/11 if at all possible, but we need to get these people documented and then tax the hell out of them. In Mecklenburg County next year our schools will be dominated by Hispanics, who will outnumber all other ethnic groups. The only issue I have with that is that most of their families pay nothing to support the schools! Illegals now have the right to sue U.S. citizens and receive legal representation in court, all at the taxpayer's expense.

Had enough, America? I hope to high heaven that a congressman, senator or someone with some sense reads this and does something about it. I have written all of my state and federal representatives asking for change, reminding them that we middle class Americans are overtaxed and in need of sweeping changes. Write to your representatives and demand a change. Persist, send the letter again every week until you get a response. Don't back down, and don't let yourself be ignored.

Thank you very much for letting me get this off my chest.

L. Archard