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Dear Editor:

It is a waste of time, in my opinion, to “plow the same ground over and over” so I refrain from commenting on criticisms that are repetitive. I prefer discussions, not debates. I want to move forward in these discussions with the planting of new seeds of hope and the harvesting of possible solutions to the immigrant problem.

I am encouraged when I read: “I personally am not necessarily against finding methods of legalizing illegal residents in this country.” This particular writer continued in his letter: “What I am opposed to and frustrated with is the ‘how’ part of the equation.” I, too, am frustrated with this ‘how’ part but I am not opposed to searching for a solution.

Other writers fill their letters with a myriad of comments with every phrase and comment being speculation about something different---so much so that were I to reply to all the insinuations, Immigration Daily would have to resort to the use of the Adobe Reader to publish my comments.

For example (quote): “I’ve also (?) experienced first hand in the Middle East the problems of terrorism and political disruption which make the problems of illegal Mexican economic migrants insignificant.” What does that mean? Can the sufferings of anyone from any place, legal or illegal, economic or not, be deemed insignificant! This is lack of compassion. Regarding border security, (quote): “Careful scrutiny and control of our immigration process are essential”. I agree and I can assure the writer that should terrorists ever be apprehended crossing the Mexican border, they won’t be of Latin descent. As a last example, I find an assertion, being raised in poverty is beneficial, to be somewhat ludicrous.

This is the extent of the discussion that I wish to put into the above subjects.

If anyone wants to comprehend further my philosophy on immigration, particularly Mexican immigration, I refer him or her to two excellent articles recently reviewed in Immigration Daily. The first is the Karmell Bowen letter (Immigration Daily, 4/26/02) and the other is the more recent Gerry Chapman article, Immigration Laws Stymie Our Growth (Immigration Daily, 5/1/02). There can be found some of the best commentaries on Mexican immigration that I have been privileged to read. I agree completely with these two authors. A careful study of both communications is recommended.

Richard E. Baer, D.V.M.