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Dear Editor:

In response to John Smith’s letter of April 25, I want to say thank you for your objective view. I am glad there are people out there that can see the situation for what it really is without being bogged down by the emotional aspects. We are understandable affected by media images of destruction, death and desperation in other countries. But, it is not understandable to apply those same feelings to images of illegal immigrants being apprehended for knowingly and willingly breaking the law.

Perhaps the objection raised by Richard Baer to the “couple being given ten minutes to get ready before they are whisked away from their children to be taken to a detention center for finger printing, strip-searching and incarceration” is valid. But, honestly, isn’t that they way it should be? If those who break the law are not held accountable for what they have done (and, really, a few inconveniences and a little humiliation is rather humane in comparison to criminal punishment in other countries around the world), what’s to stop them from doing it again? And, what will deter others from intentionally breaking the laws of this great country?

It is a fact that, as Mr. Baer points out, “this type of hostility will not help to solve the immigration problem.” But, neither will allowing those who break the law to get away with the infraction simply because their crime is not as serious as that of the suicide bombers. To each crime is affixed a punishment. While illegal aliens should not be punished the same as mass murderers, they should be punished. And, foreign national who are honoring and respecting the laws of the United States by following the designated process and rules of immigration should be rewarded for their diligence, not made to wait because of the angry protests of law breakers.

Michelle Bushman