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Dear Editor:

The recently proposed rules by the Immigration & Naturalization Service for admission for a period of 30 days of the visitor aliens to the United States is not just and fair. People from different countries of the world come to visit the United States not only to see different places of the United States, but also to meet their relatives, who are either US citizens or legal permanent residents. Mostly, the retired parents visit the United States to meet their grand-children and usually stay in the United States for about 6 months with their family members. Therefore, the proposed 30 day period of stay for the bearer of a visitor visa in the United States to be endorsed at the time of admission is too short.

At present, the United States ranks 3rd in the world to have tourists from different countries of the world after France and Spain. Furthermore, the United States is quite distant from Europe and Asia, and when the tourists from these continents come to visit this country, they spend more than 30 days, because America is a great country and it has lots of tourist places to be visited, such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas and Dallas. 30 days stay is not enough to visit these places. It is certain that the tourists will not come to spend just for 30 days. The United States will lose tourists to a great extent, if they are admitted for a 30-day stay only.

People say that it is very hard to get the US visa, because the aliens have to take interview at the US Consulate, and it takes them a whole day just for the interview. It seems that the inspecting Service officer at the time of admission asks the aliens again different questions (some kind of interview again) about his/her purpose of trip, period of stay, financial resources etc., which, I am sure, will cause much irritation and inconveniences to them. Furthermore, when they arrive at airport from their long flight, they already are tired. Instead of giving them relief from their travel fatigue and long queue at the time of admission, further interview by the inspecting Service officer will aggravate their pain.

Therefore, in view of the above circumstances, I would like to offer the following solutions, which, I think, are the best that should be implemented:

1. The Visa Waiver Program must be abolished, because the terrorists find it very easy to enter the United States under this program.

2. The privilege of changing status from B2 visa to Student visa also should be discontinued, because the inspecting Service officer will not be able to examine the alien so carefully at the time of admission as a Consular Officer does. So, the student visa should be issued only at the US Consulate.

3.The period for a visitor visa to remain in the U.S. should be granted for a minimum 6-month period at the time of admission to those visitor aliens who are over the age of 50. The other visitor aliens who are below 50 years of age should be granted a minimum 3-month stay at the time of admission. Extension for a further period of 3 months may be granted to the both categories.

Sushil Babu