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Dear Editor:

Dr. Baer comments on the crackdowns on illegal immigrants in Colorado and elsewhere. The simple fact is that the people who have been arrested are breaking the law. They knew it when they came and they knew it when they stayed. They played the odds, betting that the INS would continue to ignore the law, and lost. They are here illegally, working illegally, and in the case cited, committing fraud. Using a false social security number is a minor offense? Wait until someone steals your identity, as was recently done to me, and find out how difficult it can be to get your life, and credit record, back. Not to mention the expense to us all in higher costs for goods and services. As for the couple's employers thinking well enough of them to post bond--too bad he or she didn't think enough of them to sponsor them under 245i last year, or better yet, from the start.

Ms. Flowers was concerned that Mr. Frecker was making up poll results. As a statistician, I am well aware of the dangers in polling and in presentation of data. Ms. Flowers may like to go to for a summary of reputable (such as Gallup, Harris, Roper, Zogby) polls on immigration. Although this site is sponsored by FAIR, the sources are given, and most importantly, so are the questions asked. She can determine for herself if the wording is biased and the presentation of results skewed. One critical question that should be asked of respondents, and doesn't appear to have been, is do they know (correctly) how high immigration levels actually are? My guess is, they don't. Which may actually mean the results understate opposition to current levels. Immigration is one of those issues people are not likely to have had an informed opinion on unless they had a personal reason to care (at least until Sept. 11). Of course, for a better reflection of what people are actually concerned about, we may want to look to our Congressmen--they respond to public opinion personally expressed to them, or they don't stay in office long. And Congress seems to have decided, for now at least, that amnesties and unfettered immigration are NOT what the public wants.

Ali Alexander