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Dear Editor:

I want to say something in response to J. Seyes's comments on the INS new 30 day rule on visitor's visa . It's not because INS realized that no one visits the US for a period of 6 months so they are changing the rule, it's because INS wants to do something in response to the activities of terrorists. However, do you really believe that terrorists care about how many days the INS allows them to stay in the U.S. when they are determined to do terrorist activities? It's the most stupid thing. I also note that INS will go after visitors and students after 9/11 just because some of the terrorists had such visas.

It's true that not many Americans ever visit a foreign country on vacation and stay for 6 months. You may not have the time or money to do so. But don't be so simple to assume others won't visit America for 6 months. I know a lot of immigrants who are very involved with their life and work in America and don't have time to visit their families in their home country. So they invite their family members (mostly retired parents) to visit them here in America. Do you know how long they stay? Mostly 6 months! Do you know why? Because they have the time. And because it cost them a fortune to buy airline tickets to fly to the US so they don't want to just stay here for 30 days!

Shortly after INS proposed the 30-day rule, I heard a group of immigrants talk about the effect of the new rule. They said they have only 2 options, either to have their family visit them and stay here illegally beyond 30 days (which will make it difficult for the family to visit at a later time), or just cancel the visit. I really don't see there are other better options left to those law-abiding people. In my view, INS is abusing its power and using the law to punish good people!

One thing to add, I bet the airline business will go down because of this new rule. This is another contribution INS will make for the US economy.

Baoqin Wang