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Dear Editor:

I must congratulate the Senate in blocking, at least for now, any passage of the overly-abused and overly-used 245(i) renewal that is part of the Border Security Bill which unfortunately did pass the House to appease President Bush for his visit with President Fox of Mexico. There would not be a greater tragedy in the wake of 9/11 and the INS' recent visa approvals for two of the known terrorists that committed this horrific act than to reward MORE individuals that have entered ILLEGALLY or have overstayed their visas ILLEGALLY than having 245(i) renewed again.

President Bush should take this time in our nation's history to meet with President Fox and let him know that despite being our neighbor we will NOT have an open-door immigration policy that rewards lawbreakers because they have eluded the INS and deportation for a "long time." We need tighter border security, greater visa scrutiny, a stop to illegal immigration and a complete dismantling of the INS. Once we have all of these in place those that have chosen to wait in extraordinarily long lines to come to the U.S. LEGALLY rather than be given a de facto amnesty such as 245(i) by breaking the law will see a more efficient system. At least we can hope so.

J. Seyes.