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Dear Editor:

This is in response to Connor Robertson's letter from Martinez, California, who "deals with" immigrants, I presume in assisting them with their immigration paperwork. How can he say that those entering under 245(i) are not comparable morally to those entering via consular processing? One bad example does not make ALL other applicants equal! Making blanket statements like this is inflammatory! I respect his right to express his opinion, but not at the expense of offense to those that aren't able to respond to him, which are those he is criticizing. If 245(i) is able to help an immigrant enter the US to be legally here, then more power to him. Putting oneself in the alien's place changes things somewhat. Those desiring entrance here do so in the understanding and comprehension of the immigrant, and under the guidance of the practitioner or agency doing their paperwork for them. Sometimes other uninformed individuals give them false, incorrect and plain bad or illegal advice and the inquiring immigrant takes their advice, believing since they've been here longer, they know what they're talking about, so comply. 245(i) is a program that is flawed to the degree that you want to make it. Conversely, it is also the best method available to assist immigrants to find closure to their illegal status in a timely manner, albeit spendy.

In a nutshell, 245(i) is a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" anomaly.

F.M. Aleman
McMinnville, OR