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Dear Editor:

Well, since I started this firestorm of a debate in your February 12 issue, perhaps I could have the last word!

First, if is a "right-winger" website, as Mr. Bruce Hake calls it in his rebuttal letter (in your Feb. 15 issue), then he must be a left-winger himself.

Second, I'm gratified that my view was vindicated by many other letter-writers in your February 14 and February 15 issues.

It's so typical of the mindset of the illegal immigration supporters that if they disagree with your opinion, they accuse you of being "racist." No wonder we conservatives don't want to be attacked ad hominem by revealing our true names. I want to assure Mr. Hake that I'm not a shill for FAIR nor any other organization, but am in fact a real immigration practitioner. For his enlightenment, I happen to be a LEGAL immigrant myself. It seems Mr. Hake would be stunned to learn there are workers in the immigration field who like me are opposed to illegal immigration. See the article by Yeh Ling-Ling, an immigration worker, in the Nov. 29, 2001 issue of WorldnetDaily:

I often feel pity for my clients who have to endure years of waiting because they have the decency and courage to play by the rules of legal immigration. Sometimes I also feel that my work really doesn't mean that much in the end, and I should just advise these people to not bother with it and just sneak across the border. Why bother doing things legally when the illegal way is currently so handsomely rewarded?

Michael D., Esq.