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Dear Editor:

I suspect that my views are quite different from those of most members of "ILW," but I agree entirely with your "Editor's Comments." You have reason to be proud of the forum you provide. I'm a member of that "nativist" organization, FAIR, that one of the letter writers referred to. (Fearing I was one, I looked up "nativist" in my old dictionary, and it was defined as ..."favoring the native inhabitants of a country as against immigrants." I was relieved; I'm against massive immigration, not immigrants. We need to reduce the numbers no matter where they're from.)

Mr. Hake argued that studies which he has seen indicate that"undocumented aliens" contribute greatly. He offered no citations to support his claim (anymore than I am). But there are also studies which say that immigrants are a net drain when all is considered. Most of us tend to grasp at things that support our arguments.

The writer's worst "canard" was his statement that..."most reasons for being out of status are not crimes but civil status violations akin to parking violations...." It's believed that about 60% percent of the aliens illegally in the US entered EWI (Entry Without Inspection). That's a violation of 8 USC 1325, which is a criminal statute. There is also an "administrative" provision covering the same violations, which is the procedure under which most aliens illegally in the US are removed when apprehended - voluntary departure, deportation, etc. Aliens who obtain visas or admission to the US through lying or fraud, also are guilty of criminal violations. It's factually inaccurate to say that no crime has been committed.

To me, it seems that we need to tone down the rhetoric, stop worrying about "titles and turf" and to start talking about what we actually want to do about immigration.

John H. Frecker