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Dear Editor:

I must comment on Mr. Latour's article regarding section 245(i) that appeared in 1/8/02. The irony in his article is he failed to mention that the other group that benefits if section 245(i) or anything similar is passed are immigration practitioners who are able to collect substantial fees from the endless stream of illegal aliens or illegal overstays by processing either a family-based or employment-based case for permanent residency.

Despite the tragedy of 9/11 caused by some terrorists having entered the U.S. illegally or having entered legally and intentionally overstayed their visas, Mr. Latour sweeps this aside as " a bombardment of misinformation". Rather than promote tighter security to protect our great nation and make it more difficult to enter or overstay illegally Mr. Latour would rather open the doors and let everyone in and have those benefit prospectively from laws such as 245(i).

He also failed to mention the thousands of people who are trying to enter the US LEGALLY and who suffer by being outside of the US waiting their turn away from friends, family and a better life while those that have broken the immigration laws are here enjoying all of this. What is wrong with this picture? I would like to say thank God for the Republicans but unfortunately the issue of national security will today override political partisanship as all Americans should support measures to protect us from any potential harm, to enforce our immigration laws and to stop rewarding those that break the laws.

J. Seyes
Registered Democrat

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: