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Dear Editor:

Those best served by illegal immigration are big corporations, lawyers, and rich people who need their lawns mowed. The people who are most severely hurt by illegal immigration are legal immigrants who are struggling to gain a foothold in this country. Lets stop the current regime of state sponsored indentured servitude perpetrated by the US government and big business. The lower class in this country will never have a chance if the market is continually flooded with workers willing to work below minimum wage. Our so called leaders tried to justify their previous acquiescence on issues of illegal immigration by arguing that there is a shortage of workers in this country. There is no shortage of workers, just a shortage of workers willing to work in squalor for below minimum wages. Furthermore, even if there is a shortage of workers, we don't need illegal immigrants. Our nation can easily staff all available jobs from the waiting line of would be legal immigrants. The immediate relative preference categories from Mexico by themselves could keep us awash in legal immigrants for years to come. There is no shortage of immigrants waiting to come to the US. Why don't we first serve those who follow the rules, and deal with the law breakers later? Illegal immigration is great for the upper classes. It provides cheap labor that won't complain. The problem with illegal immigration is that it undermines our system of legal immigration, and that leads to chaos. Immigration should be regulated to protect the newest, law abiding residents (those who came on valid immigrant visas) and our nation's preexisting underclasses.

Robert Bryant
Martinez, CA