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Dear Editor:

Two comments about Gary Endelman's article "It Could Happen To You: Why Americans Should Care About John Walker."

1. "Most Americans would be astonished to learn that US immigration law could make them non-citizens." Yes, that is the law. But that's like saying there's a possibility anyone of us could commit murder and be executed because that's the law. I appreciate Mr. Endelman's effort to alert us but this is almost like the boy crying wolf. One American citizen out of 260 million who decided to go and joined the Taliban (frankly, I'm surprised there was only one) does not make it a problem. The vast vast majority of us are not going to go and commit treason or espionage so as to be exposed to citizenship stripping.

2. As for Mr. Endelman's unwarranted equating of Pres. Bush's military tribunals with star chambers, why doesn't he mention the fact that in 1942, eight Nazi saboteurs sneaked up on our New Jersey shores, were promptly caught and tried in FDR-created military tribunals (in a makeshift court room) and executed? And that the US Supreme Court unanimously upheld both the procedure and the convictions?

Liem Doan, Esq.
Los Angeles

Editor's Note: According to the FBI's account of the matter the saboteurs landed on the shores of Long Island and Florida. Eight men were convicted, six were executed. The other two were incarcerated and later deported to Germany.