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The following is in response to the Editor's Comments in the December 17, 2001, issue of Immigration Daily.

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend you for not caving in to the politically correct pressure of people such as Maria Gracio in her December 14 letter to you, and others, in using the word "alien." In this day and age when almost everything offends some minority interest group, it was good of you to take a swift stance on something so ridiculous. I appreciate your etymological discussion of the word. The fact that you wrote "The science fiction meaning of a being from another world or planet does not appear until the middle of the 20th century" in the middle of that ostensibly serious discussion was hilarious!

I would like to point out also that Gracio and other supporters of illegal alien throw around the "99% of the time in jobs that US citizens don't even bother looking at" line all the time with no facts, figures or support. The letters from J.S. and LL in their December 17 letters responding to Gracio correctly point out that in the current economic recession, many US citizens would be glad to perform these jobs.

However, even before this current economic climate, many young people and teenagers would have been happy to do these jobs. I know many high school kids who would gladly work as a janitor or washing dishes, if they can only find a job. It's another endemic myth that if the population of illegals were reduced or eliminated, this country would be disabled. The youths of America and other Americans would step in. There is no doubt in mind that would happen. That is the spirit of America; we make things work when pushed to it.

Liem Doan, Esq. (proud former legal alien)
Los Angeles, CA
USA, Earth, Sol Solar System,
Milky Way Galaxy

Editor's Note: Contrary to Mr. Doan's assertion, the editors do not find people being offended by the use of the word "alien" to be something ridiculous. It is precisely because the use of the word arouses strong feelings that we felt it merited an explanation that the historical, legal and practical factors weigh in favor of the continued use of the word "alien" at this time.