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Dear Editor:

245(i) is not fair for people like my self who waited for 7 years and also passed the age to get married and start family life. I am in this great country since almost five years now and on the edge of becoming citizen. Citizenship is also another major problem and will not be noticed until March-April of 2004 (next election time). I am now married and my wife is waiting to enter this country LEGALLY. And as you know it takes 6 years for a spouse of green card holder to come to US (It only takes few months for the spouse of ILLEGAL immigrant who will get their legal status due to 245(i)). So if some one calculates this time of family separation is about 13-14 years and most of the time this 13-14 year period is from the best period of the human life (From late 20's to mid or late 30's). Section 245(i) not only forgives ILLEGAL immigrants and their ILLEGAL entry or ILLEGAL overstay it also allows them to remain in the US and obtain their residency. Also making them legal takes lots of time of INS officers and that time is taken away from processing applications from the legal immigrants and of course this delays the process for people who want to obey all the laws of this great country, even before they enter this country and become responsible citizens of this great nation. How fair is that I ask? I know my family and friends overseas would love to enter today and then do the same, but their law-abiding consciences prevent them from doing so.

Please call your Senators and Representatives and make sure that 245(i) and laws just like it are buried forever. Despite what happened on 9/11, this country is based on the great laws. The US should reward those people who want to come to this country legally and make the processing of legal application faster, rather than rewarding illegal immigrants and increase unnecessary work load of the INS officers. The US should continue to welcome immigrants into the US who enter LEGALLY, and punish people who entered ollegally.

Another issue here is our Senate and House of Representatives. There is a pending bill which will be a little bit helpful for spouses waiting to enter legaly. That bill has been under review by House Subcommitee for Immigration since April of this year.

H.R.1028: To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to permit the admission to the United States of nonimmigrant students and visitors who are the spouses and children of United States permanent resident aliens, and for other purposes.

If this bill becomes law it will be great for young couples who are just begining their life together and will not have to spend years before even they see each other. This will also help them to stay here on nonimmigrant visas and persue their careers and start family life. If we see this in reference to the economy it will also play a small part in helping to generate some business for airlines and to retailers as there will more spending due to traveling in and out of the country. And at the same time these nonimmigrants will be better than illegal, as there will be someone from this country sponsering them and also background checks can be performed for the applicant and beneficiary. I hope to see some changes in the immigration process that will help and boost legal immigration.

G. Patel

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
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