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Editor's Note: the following letter refers to letters to the editor which appeared in the November 23, 2001, issue of Immigration Daily.

Dear Editor:

It really makes me wonder when I read all the "justifications" about the different positions some people have on 245(i). I agree with Michael D. (but only in this matter) that it is about politics. Unfortunately the Democrats are the ones that "apparently" want to help immigrants, but it is one thing to want to help, and another different thing to do it. Yes, indeed, they have used Hispanics' immigrantion needs in order to obtain votes for their party as the Republicans use the Christian community to obtain votes for theirs. In both cases, once they are in power they do little to try to accomplish their promises. We have seen it in the last 8 years of Clinton Administration. They had the opportunity to do something and what did they do they for the immigrants? A 1996 terrible law that split families and removed from them the scarce rights they have!! However, during Reagan Administration we had an amnesty. Finally now our community is starting to see the true colors of the Democrats, and little by little is switching towards the ones that although they do not promise, they act! Going back to the justifications that's all they are: justifications. To oppose a program that would help hard working immigrants to be able to live under the law and be free is to oppose the grace and blessings that God wants to pour over them!!

In regards to J. Seyes letter, what a shame that one have to be as law abiding as she is! So everybody have to be treated as she was? There is no fairness in this world, and if we live under that pretension we will be miserable for the rest of our days! I have lived here for 16 years and my mother for 20 and I had to wait years before I came. My sister, her spouse and children are still back in my country waiting for their priority date. But who are we to judge people? No one has named us judges of them nor of their decisions and furthermore judges them even without knowing them and their circumstances! God have mercy on us and of our "righteousness" in seeking justice we are seeking injustice!

In regards to MA letter I wonder from which statistic MA got the "FBI limited resources" information? As far as I know that agency has no limited resources and after September 11 has even more resources than ever! Please give me a valid reason to "justify" your position!

God Bless
Haydee Cardenas