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Dear Editor:

The Attorney General said, "We need to look more into immigration," referring to possible measures to face terrorism. In these days of great fear and incertitude, we need more than anything to know everything about people who get into our country.

If there is no way to stop immigration completely, why not take the most secure and safe approach? It is very clear that some categories of visas (spouses and family) are more safe than others (student visas, work visas, etc). I can say this because the background check for the first mentioned can be more detailed and more accurate then the other ones.

First off, a real spouses relation can easily be checked, in the same way it is checked when INS removes the two years condition for permanent residencies (after a difficult interview). Why to endure years of separation, due to the back-log in this category? (I-130). Immagine staying apart from your spouse and children for more than 5 years.

There are some attempts in family policy here in US such as H.R. 814. Mr. Andrews and Mr. Pallone who pleaded for no cap number for spouses of permanent residents. Stoped in the House.

The V visa is a strange idea which grants a non-immigrant visa for spouses who have waited three years in their country, and applied before 12/21/2000! Like staying apart from your wife three years is not painful, and applying in 2000 makes you special!!

Other attempts were H.R. 2277 for investor's spouses, H.R.2278 for intracompany transferee's spouses. Well intentioned but with very small impact in the regular citizen's world.

On the other hand 245(i) law, allowed immigration lawbreakers to pay 1000$ and having a sponsor to get a green card. This is right? This is our reward for legally applying, and waiting years for a legal status of our family?

I think this time is a good time for a change for a safe immigration more humane immigration, where family values to lead and where anybody can see a real citizen-aimed policy of our leaders.