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Dear Editor:

Could you please share with your readers my letter addressed to the US Senators?

Monica Schwartz

Dear Senator,

Once again I come to share my concerns regarding what is becoming a Xenophobic generalization.

Some state and local police are stopping people that do not look like "born in USA" (What criteria to identify a person "born in USA" is being used? The blond and blue-eyed criteria?). This is the so called profiling that we have fought against for so long. America people are not made of only certain color of skin, hair and eye!

They are stopping people that do not look like a certain way and asking for legal status and calling INS if they can not provide an immigration paper right away. In many cases, they are dealing with US born citizens. As it is happening in the states along the Mexican border what is causing more hurting. They are essential workers legal or illegal going from home to work and vice-versa.

The essential workers came here because for many years we have jobs for them that most American born people do not want to do. Chairman Greenspan and others have called upon Congress to reexamine our immigration policies as a means to alleviate the worker shortages. Now we are forcing them to leave our country! We depended on their availability to clean our houses, yards, babysitting our children, work as unskilled labor in our factories, etc., for years, and now we are harassing them.

We are collecting Social Security, Local, State and Federal Taxes from them and they have no legal rights and the dignity to be recognized as someone and defend themselves. They are leaving our country back to South and Central America, Caribbean and Mexico because we no longer care about them. All because of certain people that came from a region that does not have anything to do with them. By God's mercy could someone put a stop to that please?!

There are husbands in desperation abandoning their wives and US children to marry American born woman believing it can avoid them from being deported and so are doing some mothers. They have been here for years with teenager US children and now their hope of adjusting their status as a family is gone.

May God give you clarity of mind and bless you and bless America.

Monica Schwartz