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[Editor's Note: the following letter refers to a letter from MA which appeared in the October 19 issue of Immigration Daily].

Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. MA letter condemning Mr. Minhas reply to Mrs. Schwartz I have to say the following:

  • Timothy MacVeigh was not an illegal immigrant and did what he did.
  • There are many people being arrested now a days that are born here in the US and are being caught making treats to our institutions, as a man from Norwalk, CT did.
  • I would recommend Mr. MA to read the article that generated this debate and understand what is being said.
  • Does anybody have an official invitation from the native Americans that justifies the presence of the conquistadores here to start off? If not, everybody here, with the exception of the native Americans themselves and the descendants of African slaves brought here by force, was not invited and should not be here pure and simple.
  • I wish I could send the estimated 10 million illegal immigrants back to their native country, at least for 24 hours, to verify that our nation would not be able to convince people from abroad, that did not have the courage or did not want to come here without financial support from the US government, to come and clean our toilets for minimum wage.
  • They would not come here on their own to supply Mr. MA, many others and myself with our basic needs. They would not sell all their belongings at their native country to pay for their trip to US.
  • He needs to think out of the box and understand the difference between illegal immigration with the purpose of attacking our freedom, and the immigrants that come to supply our needs without any support from the US and sometimes risking their own lives.
  • I love the low price that I pay for all my basic needs that are coming from California, Florida and many other agricultural and industrial states in the US.
  • I love to go to work and find my company clean.
  • As a tall, blond and blue eyed man that I am, its hard for me even to imagine to have myself or my children cleaning toilets, mopping floors, etc, etc.
  • I need the immigrants and if I had to get them here that would cost me much more than it cost me today.
  • Those that come here for backbreaking jobs for $6.50 per hour are welcome.
  • As we heard before, if we have people here in the US willing to work on any kind of job that most of US born do not want, and people willing to hire them, we need to allow them to work together.
  • Those that came to attack our freedom had a lot of money to spend and did not need to clean our toilets and supply our basic needs.
  • Profiling is wrong anywhere on the face of the planet and it will hurt our freedom and the support we get from their "tired hands." They come here in search of a better future for themselves and their US born children.
  • Creating hardships for children born in America just because their parents overstay their visas, or crossed the border, and sending them back to their parents native country, because they are here working hard, paying their taxes, and living here as any US citizen, is not right.
  • I do not want to hear in the next 20 years that there are hundreds of thousands of American citizens coming back to the US at the age of 18 or older with bitterness in their hearts because when they where kids they were deported with their parents for overstaying their visas.
  • Those that are already here working hard should not be harassed when they are serving us in exchange for lower wages.
  • I wrote a research paper on most of the arguments that you may be able to present and the result is very simple: it's all a matter of supply and demand.
John Miller Jr.