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[Congressional Record: September 6, 2001 (Extensions)]
[Page E1597]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []
                               speech of

                          HON. JOSEPH CROWLEY

                              of new york

                    in the house of representatives

                      Wednesday, September 5, 2001

  Mr. CROWLEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of H. Con. Res. 
233. On a day when President Fox makes his first official visit to 
Washington, I cannot think of a better day to honor and recognize the 
importance of our relationship with our neighbor to the south, Mexico.
  The ties that bind our nations together span the course of hundreds 
of years. From a confrontational beginning to a cooperative future the 
United States and Mexico will always have a special connection.
  The election of President Fox represented a remarkable day in the 
history of Mexico. On this day, Mexico cast aside 71 years of single 
party rule and officially joined the community of democratic nations. 
It is my sincere hope that this smooth and peaceful transition of 
governments becomes the model for the future of Mexico.
  In the realm of trade, over 80% of all Mexican exports are sent to 
the United States, and nearly three-quarters of its imports come from 
the United States. Though our financial interaction is an important 
component, this relationship is not solely based on economics. With 
millions of people of Mexican descent living in cities throughout the 
United States, Mexican culture, cuisine, and music have become 
pervasive in American society.
  In my own district in Queens, New York, the Mexican population has 
been the fastest growing immigrant group. It always amazes me to watch 
the development of these men, women and children as they work 
tirelessly to succeed in the United States. Despite their presence in 
the United States, the homeland is never forgotten. The connection to 
their roots and family in Mexico remains strong each and every day. The 
Mexican community is truly a credit to the American economy, American 
culture and American values.
  This is why I support President Vicente Fox's effort to create a new 
immigration policy between the U.S. and Mexico which unites families 
separated by U.S. immigration law and provides the American economy 
with critical employees through the guest visa program.
  Through NAFTA and geography, our countries are connected and our 
economies are linked. By helping our neighbors to the south, we are 
helping our own country grow and prosper in the 21st century.
  It is these unique circumstances, which makes our relationship with 
Mexico so important. I look forward to working closely with President 
Fox and Mexican Parliamentarians on issues of mutual interest in the 
years to come.