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The following letter refers to a letter to the editor from Jose Cordero which appeared in the July 31, 2001, issue of Immigration Daily.

Dear Editor,

"Either give it to people that deserves it or to everybody without any racial preferences." That was the last statement and the main purpose of my letter.

Mr. Cordero became so defensive and reacted to my letter instead of trying to get the point. I am not going to make the same mistake he did, otherwise this website that is supposed to help bring to light some important issues, is going to become a chat room nothing more, nothing less.

I am going to restate it again. I have nothing against Hispanics. The issue here is that Mr. President picked one community dismissing all others (I didn't). That said, if Mr. Cordero had really read my letter objectively instead of subjectively, he would have understood that all those details I gave about my situation and my life here in this great country, is to show that they are families from other communities that work as hard if not harder than the one he picked. So everybody needs to be considered when making such a major decision.

Thank you Mr. Cordero for taking time to respond to my letter and thank you Dear Editor for allowing us to voice our opinions.

Best regards,

Mohamed Sami
Native of the country of Morocco