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Dear Editor:

I just read the "Editor's Comments" in the daily newsletter dated 07/27/2001 and I just want to say that [the proposal to legalize Mexicans] is unfair and outrageous.

When I decided to come to this country in 1991, I had to go for two years to the American Language Center to prepare for TOEFL to have a score good enough to be accepted in a university. I finally was issued an F-1 visa in 1993.

Since then it was just hard work and perseverance until I graduated from college with a Computer Science Degree. During five years, I had to keep a full time load at school and I was allowed to work only 20 hours a week on campus at minimum wage. Since I wasn't a resident, I couldn't get loans, grants, scholarships or help of any kind. All I got was a monthly reminder from international affairs that I risk deportation if I go out of status for whatever reason.

During breaks and summer when I wasn't taking any classes, I worked more than 80 hours a week to save money for the next school year.

You think it might have gotten easier after I graduated, not at all. I was financially in debt (and still am) because I had to charge all the money I didn't have for school to credit cards. I had to find a job in very volatile economy and convince employers that I was the best candidate for the job if only they accept to sponsor me to get an H-1B visa.

I worked 2 Jobs before the one I have now because both those companies went under. And I barely found my current employer on time because a week after I did, the company I worked for went bankrupt.

Oh, by the way, I forgot a "small" detail; I have a wife and two kids.

Now, you tell me that some guy who is illegal, with no education, who doesn't speak English, who doesn't pay taxes gets a green card which I still don't have despite all my qualifications and all the hard work just because he is from Mexico. I don't think so. Either give it to people that deserve it or to everybody without any racial preferences.

Best regards,

Mohamed Sami
Native of the country of Morocco