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Dear Editor:

Once again let me thank you for the invaluable service you are providing through your web site. Information is freedom. You can imagine how many lives you have already positively impacted through your immigration website.

I will keep my views brief and concise. America is no doubt the best and most blessed country in the world. It strength came from diversity of people, talents, views. It defeated the British, helped defeat Hitler, stood up to Russia, and has the best economy of the world. God bless America.

Despite America greatness, one thing stood out - Justice. The forefathers of the great nation made it the bedrock of its own existence. All were born free before God. This was the land of the brave and the free. God bless America. Refuge was given to the oppressed and hunted - even from other countries. God bless America.

The oppressed Irish fled their homeland. America gave them sanctuary. The Mussolini-oppresed Italians fled and made America their refuge. America provided refuge. America even provided refuge to Jews and even Germans alike. Diversity was bred and greatness, innovations and economic fortunes were increased.

Then came the boom of the 90s. Hi-tech workers were needed but were scarce. America reached out to the abundant foreign pool of talent. A process was set up and a lot of great talents were brought in, sometimes with the promise of a legal permanent residency in America. Foreign hi-tech workers responded. On arrival things were not what they seemed. A worker was bound to the employer, couldn't leave for another employers without serious obstacles, etc.. His wife was allowed to come with him, but she couldn't work unless she got an H-1B herself leading to truncated and careers, etc. Everyone blamed the H-1B worker for everything. Those who lost their jobs blamed H-1B workers, even those that had non-hi-tech jobs.

If the H-1B worker got laid off, he had 10 days to leave the country. INS saw them as a necessary evil and treated them as such. The hi-tech boom went bust and workers were laid off. People who couldn't find jobs soon enough had to leave for their home countries. to pick up where they started.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I think the INS and some people are forgetting that American greatness lies in diversity. They may ride on the wave of the moment due to the economic boom, but those that ride on the back of the tiger eventually end up in the tiger's belly.

Justice is justice, fair is fair. If today, injustices are permitted to happen to any class of people, what goes around will come around. Already the same injustice is already threatening to undo the very fabric of the American society. The society is highly suspicious of Asian-Americans which will only reduce their loyalty to the nation anyway. Gay people are being marginalised, so are Hispanics. Blacks are stereotyped and assumed to be criminal.

I pray people take an inside look at all these signs and do something about it. Let us tolerate each other, but let us accommodate each other. That will strengthen the great American spirit.

God Bless America, H-1B Holder